IBM Diversity
A salute to IBM's unconditional support for diversity in its workforce as enshrined in a letter written by T.J. Watson in 1953 to the governors of the southern states. The film won an AAA
IBM Research
For more than sixty years, IBM Research has been the innovation engine of the IBM corporation. From helping the Apollo space missions land on the moon to the discovery of fractals; from the technology behind laser eye surgery to a question answering computer called Watson now being applied to health care, IBM Research continues to define the future of technology.
It is a website refresh to help IBM research become a destination for users to learn about and engage with the latest science and technology breakthroughs. It will help define the new era of computing – educate clients and IBMers about the future of cognitive computing. And finally Support other business units and areas of IBM.
IBM Small Business & IOD
IBM provides small and medium businesses with expert IT solutions and lower IT costs, specifically designed for midsize businesses. A redesign of the existing site was done that improves traffic flow through the website and showcases the best high-value segment content from across the Point of engagement ecosystem.
Business Goals and project objectives were to increase the engagement rate of the website,
improve traffic flow from the homepage, increase the volume of engaging content, increase BIC ability to quickly support changing marketing needs.

Selected Works

Deutsche BankUX, Application

SingleCareBranding, UX/UI, Advertising

TravelersUX, E-Learning

DuPontFilm, Print

IBMFilm, Website

Delta AirlinesExperiential

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