DuPont Greensburg Brand Film
A film that chronicles DuPont's participation in rebuilding Greensburg after it was devastated by an EF5 tornado. The film garnered a One Show Gold.
DuPont OS
The fastest growing markets – Brazil and India – are wary of working with big American corporations because they worry they'll run local companies out of business. We developed a platform called Open Science which tweaked the DuPont logo to express the company's collaborative spirit, and launched the campaign with unconventional 'advertising' across multiple media on a shoestring budget
If DuPont was synonymous with science, the easiest way to express Open Science was to "open up" the logo itself. The open oval became a visual device which could frame any business DuPont offered solutions for in a collaborative way.
Viral videos for the Brazilian and Indian markets.
A brand film was created with the specific markets in mind.
DuPont Sentryglas
DuPont Sentryglas, being 100 times stronger than existing glass can be used as a structural element.<br>So we thought, what would it be like to reconstruct famous/iconic walls? The results, both visually and for the brand, were astounding.
DuPont Biobased
A print series for DuPont reveals that it is not just a chemical company, but at the forefront of biobased materials research

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