Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank
The Data Source Catalog is an internal global data management application that provides timely, complete and accurate responses to data requests to efficiently manage an ocean of data. It contains information about Deutsche Bank's Data Assets (structured data, documents, messages, voice, video, and so forth). The application provides accurate and consistent data to clients, management, investors, regulators., and other official organizations. It was a complex, multimillion dollar project where we gathered requirements, created a new architecture, designed and built the solution to ensure the Bank’s data assets are indexed, classified and catalogued with an associated governance and control model.
The  UI Map above illustrates each part of the DSC application and the navigation paths between pages, to external apps (e.g. NAR), and where the screens map to the high level (conceptual) data model.

A super complex problem: Complex diagrams and very long taxonomy structures were presented as a problem to solve in this project. The UX process involved working with business analysts understanding each interaction and customer needs. User flows were streamlined and compresses to only 5 to 6 screens for the entire application to do every feature identified in the scope of this project.

The mantra for this project was: 'An intellectual says a simple thing in a difficult way. A UX/UI designer says a difficult thing in a simple way.'


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